My boyfriend broke up with me for my best friend?

BEFORE I START THIS POST, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ME, MY EX AND MY BEST FRIEND ARE STILL FRIENDS RIGHT NOW!  Hello Friends! Today I come to you with more horrific thjngs! Now as some of you may know from yesterday's post, I moved to a new school which my boyfriend (at the time)/went to! … Continue reading My boyfriend broke up with me for my best friend?


Blogging schedule

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Today I just sorta wanted to sit down and talk with you all about life in general! If you didn’t already know, I quit blogging and YouTube quite a while back, But then made a return into the blogging world, NOT the YouTube world... This was mainly because … Continue reading Blogging schedule

What I chose for GCSEs

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog!! So as a few of you may know, I decided to take art gcse, ahaha! So I wanted to talk you through what I chose! So I took: History Art Health and Social care DT (Design and Technology) So far, I’ve had a couple Health and Social care … Continue reading What I chose for GCSEs

Issues upon issues

Hey guys! Welcome back! Today I wanna talk to you about all my issues right now, Because why not? If you didn’t know I took a break from blogging but DIDNT post a hiatus because I didn’t want to worry anyone, I also thought you might like to know that I’ve been blogging (on all … Continue reading Issues upon issues

Why did I move to a new school?…

Hello Friends!  How are we all doing today? some of you may know, I moved school last week! Which is really cool as I've been able to make new friends and donors things for myself! But I think I should explain why I left.... The reason why I left my old school was because of … Continue reading Why did I move to a new school?…